2020 Lincoln County Fair & Rodeo Donors

Todd & Joyce Bodeau
Henry Carstensen
Tom Masterson

Eddie, Katie, Hailey & Elly Bageant
John, Kathy & Aaron Coley
Bruce & Dawn Dehn
Gordon & Nancy Ellis
Rob & Merilla Hopkins
Mike & Renee Honey
Richard & Jody Howard
Hall & Nancy Johnson
Michelle Lilje
Donna Mathis
Gary & Lynn Maurer
Carolyn Olson
Chuck & Susie Postelwait
Ardith Schack

Davenport Pharmacy
Brock Law Firm-Norm & Corey Brock
Pioneer Title Company of Washington-Davenport Operating
Rocking EK Ranch
Scott’s Tire Service
Stow-Away Storage

Ordean & Karen Ebel
Ted & Joanne Hopkins
Ken Staley

Ed & Bunny Haugan
Jim & Stacy Hirst
Michael Van Pevenage Family

Ott Insurance
Timm Farms, Inc
Westside Farms, Inc

Jim & Diane Baye
Doris Dormaier

Terry Connelly & Family
Jon & Sharon Fink
Nancy Floether
Clark & Charlene Kagele
Alex & Kaci King
Todd & Terri King

Odessa Foods
Odessa Drug

Gerald & Diane Brommer
Jerry & Linda Dougherty
Jerry & Mary Guhlke
Tom & Virginia Henderson
Stan & Jill Schwartz
Buddi Williams

Hearty Acres
Wilken Family

Jim & Sharon Bostwick
Tootsie Keller
Wade & Penny Magers
Dick & Sharon Quirk
Sara Rice
Rhonda Widmer

Other Donors
Deral & Ardell Boleneus
Bill & Donella Young

Thank You to Our 2020 Donors



If you, your family, business or organization would like to donate to the 2020 Lincoln County Fair & Rodeo, fill out our Donation Opportunities Form and send to the Lincoln County Fair Office by April 20, 2020 with your donation. 

We appreciate all our donors have given over the years.  Check out our Donors from previous years.