Sewing Department

Rules and Information

  1. All exhibits must be received by August 23rd, from 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
  2. Register online at by August 21st or register entries in person on August 23rd.
  3. You are allowed to enter as many items as you would like to in this department, depending on the space available on a first come, first served basis. If we are running out of space, we reserve the right to send some home.
  4. Entered items must be finished in the 12 months after the last Lincoln County Fair.
  5. All items entered for judging must be made by the exhibitor.
  6. Afghans, Blankets, Tablecloths, and any other large items must come neatly folded.
  7. All entries must be clean and presentable.
  8. Superintendents and Judges have the right to refuse any entries that are not clean or presentable or show excessive wear.
  9. Judging is done using the Danish System.
  10. Exhibitors should become familiar with the Fair’s General Rules.
  11. No premium points are paid for adult white ribbons.
  12. Inform the superintendent if the item has been made by or for a special needs person and indicate this on the entry tag attached to the item.
  13. We strive to handle all items with care. Inform us of any special requests.
  14. Items may be entered for display only if space is available. Attach a card with any information about the item, historical or otherwise. No need to be made by the exhibitor.
  15. Exhibits need to be picked up on Sunday August 27th beginning 9:00 am. Exhibits not picked up by 12:00 pm can be picked up on Monday, August 28th at the Dining Hall.

Division 1: Hand and/or Machine Sewing Household

Best 25, Blue 20, Red 15, White 5

Section 1: Bedspread, Blanket, Lap Robe
Section 2: Baby Blanket, Car Seat Blanket
Section 3: Tablecloth, table topper, or table runner
Section 4: Place mats, Coasters, Napkins (up to a set of 4)
Section 5: Potholder, Hot Pad (up to a set of 4)
Section 6: Apron, Chef’s Coat, Chef’s hat
Section 7: Curtain, valance, shades
Section 8: Rugs, all sizes
Section 9: Bath sets (up to 3 pieces)
Section 10: Book cover, bookmark
Section 11: Pillow, Pillowcases (up to a set of 2)
Section 12: Other Household

Vintage sewing machine and mannequin.

Division 2: Hand and/or Machine Sewing Clothing

Best 25, Blue 20, Red 15, White 10

Section 1: Cap, Hat, Headband
Section 2: Scarf, Cowl
Section 3: Gloves, Mittens, Fingerless Gloves Section 4: Slippers, Sleepwear, Robe
Section 5: Blouse, Shirt, Vest, Bolero
Section 6: Dress, Skirt, Slacks, Shorts
Section 7: Coat, Jacket,
Section 8: Sweatpants, Sweatshirt
Section 9: Baby Bib, Burp Cloth
Section 10: Baby Snow Suit
Section 11: Baby Outfit (up to 3 piece)
Section 12: Child Outfit (up to 3 piece)
Section 13: Adult Outfit (up to 3 piece)
Section 14: Other Clothing

Division 3: Hand and/or Machine Sewing Carryalls, Toys, Holiday

Best 25, Blue 20, Red 15, White 10

Section 1: Purse, Shoulder Bag
Section 2: Fanny Pack, Backpack
Section 3: Tote Bag, Duffle Bag
Section 4: Animal Toys
Section 5: Cartoon or Movie Characters
Section 6: Dolls, any size
Section 7: Doll clothes (up to a set of 3)
Section 8: Seasonal or Holiday items clothing (up to a set of 3)
Section 9: Seasonal or Holiday Decoration (up to a set of 4)
Section 10: Seasonal or Holiday Dolls, Animals
Section 11: Holiday Stockings, Wreaths, Tree Skirt
Section 12: Other Carryalls, Toys, Holiday

Division 4: Fabric or Fleece-Not Sewn

Best 25, Blue 20, Red 15, White 10

Section 1: Blanket, Lap Robe, Car Seat Blanket
Section 2: Pillow
Section 3: Scarf, Cowl
Section 4: Decorations
Section 5: Other Non-Sewn

Spools of thread and basic sewing tools including pins and needles.

Division 5: Hand Needlework

Best 35, Blue 30, Red 25, White 15

Section 1: Embroidered Pillow, Pillowcase
Section 2: Embroidered Kitchen, Dining items
Section 3: Embroidered Pictures or frames
Section 4: Embroidered Clothing
Section 5: Embroidered Holiday
Section 6: Embroidered Other
Section 7: Crewel Pillow, Pillowcase,
Section 8: Crewel Kitchen, Dining items
Section 9: Crewel Pictures or frames
Section 10: Crewel Clothing
Section 11: Crewel Holiday
Section 12: Crewel Other
Section 13: Cross Stitch Pillow, Pillowcase
Section 14: Cross Stitch Kitchen, Dining items
Section 15: Cross Stitch Pictures or frames
Section 16: Cross Stitch Clothing
Section 17: Cross Stitch Holiday
Section 18: Cross Stitch Other
Section 19: Needlepoint or Petit Point Pillow
Section 20: Needlepoint or Petit Point Pictures or frames
Section 21: Needlepoint or Petit Point Holiday
Section 22: Needlepoint or Petit Point Other
Section 23: Latch Hook Household or Decorative Items
Section 24: Plastic Canvas Household or Decorative Items
Section 25: Other Needlework including mixed embellishment

Sewing machine foot and needle.

Division 6: Machine Needlework

Best 25, Blue 20, Red 15, White 10

Section 1: Sewing Machine Embroidery
Section 2: Sewing Machine Art Framed or Unframed
Section 3: Sewing Machine Art with mixed embellishments
Section 4: Other Machine Needlework

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