2019 Attractions & Entertainment

Teen Dance-Auditorium

Friday, August 23rd
9:00 pm
$5.00 Entry Fee


Main Stage  
Friday, August 23rd   3-7 pm
Saturday, August 24th   3-7 pm


Widmer Arena
Saturday, August 24th
after the Pro-West Rodeo until Midnight


Pro-West Rodeo
Friday, August 23rd 7:00 pm
Saturday, August 24th 7:00 pm


Dick Frost Comedy Magic Show
August 22nd
11:00 am Stroll on the Grounds
1:00 pm Magic Show-Main Stage
3:00 pm Stroll on the Grounds

August 23rd
10:00 am Stroll on the Grounds
11:30 Magic Show-Main Stage

Pig Scramble-Widmer Arena
August 23rd and 24th during the Pro-West Rodeo
Entry form and fee due by August 23rd, 6pm
No Late Entries Accepted
Entry fee $5.00
Ages:  17 and under
For more information contact Katie Bageant, 509-721-0218
2019 Pig Scramble Entry Form


Tot’s Carnival
Davenport 4-H Club
Ages 9 & under
more information to come


The Springsman-Main Stage
Saturday, August 24th
10:00 am – 2:oo pm

This award-winning, ukulele-strumming musical group is made up of proud dad, Perry Springman and his four talented kids: Emma, 13, Ryan,10, Sarah, 8, and Jacob, 6.
But the real powerhouse of the band is Springman wife and mother, Julia, who schools their children on the road and at home as they perform at over 100 venues per year!