2021 Attractions & Entertainment


Michael Mezmer-“The Phenomenist”
Hypnosis and Magic Phenomena Shows

Michael Mezmer "The Phenomenist"

Michael Mezmer’s TranceNosis comedy hypnosis and DangerMagik shows are award winning presentations that excite the imagination and blow your mind. Michael combines the mysterious worlds of magic and hypnosis to create the ultimate variety entertainment. Michael performs two completely different incredible shows. DangerMagik features cutting edge, mind blowing magic demonstrations in the style of Criss Angel and David Blaine and TranceNosis is his amazing, award winning, and hilarious comedy hypnosis show.



The Silver Starlets

The Silver Starlets

is an all-female aerial acrobatic show.  Full of glam, glitz and glitter, the Starlets use a 20 foot free-standing trapeze rig as their stage. They twist, tumble, bend, climb and fall, getting the audience cheering, laughing and sometimes even dancing right along with them.  But don’t let their tutus fool you; The Silver Starlets captivate their audience with family-friendly charm, beautiful grace, and amazing strength. These girls don’t sweat…they sparkle!



Teen Dance



Friday, August 27th 7:00 pm
Saturday, August 28th 7:00 pm


Pig Scramble-Widmer Arena
August 27th and 28th during the Pro-West Rodeo
Entry form and fee due by August 27th, 6pm
No Late Entries Accepted
Entry fee $5.00
Ages:  17 and under
For more information contact Katie Bageant, 509-721-0218
2021 Pig Scramble Entry Form